Practical Cyber Security
Training & Awareness

Educate Your Team - Protect Your Data - Reduce Your Risks

Effective Security Starts with Secure Thinking

Educate Your Team

With a range of courses, from basic security awareness to specialist skills for technical and security experts, your security training is no longer just a tick-box exercise.

Protect Your Data

Cyber Security Training & Awareness that improves the knowledge and skills of your staff and ensures they understand how to safeguard your data and protect your assets.

Reduce Your Risk

Well trained specialists along-side a security conscious workforce can significantly reduce the risk and impact of your organisation suffering a major security breach.

Why Cyber Security
Training & Awareness?

Cyber educating your team is the most cost effective way of improving your security

Focus on the People

People design and implement technical solutions, people operate the systems and processes, and people have access to information and data.

Our Approach

Simple Messages

Cyber Security is a complicated topic but our training simplifies the concepts and provides learners with memorable take away’s for each topic.

Practical Advice

All our training is designed to provide learners with practical advice and guidance they can use in their professional and personal lives.

Practical Advice

Interval Learning

Our drip feed approach to awareness training is designed to keep learners engaged and learning over a longer period of time, improving retention by 10-20%.

Cloud Based

Our e-learning solution can be accessed from any location and delivers content that is continually updated to incorporate the latest advances and industry best practices.​

Cloud Based
Micro Learning

Micro Learning

Our unique approach to training delivers short regular updates over a longer period of time, improving engagement, increasing retention and changing habits.

Key Features

Video Lessons

Our learning modules make extensive use of video based content to ensure our learners have the best possible experience, whatever device they use.

Whiteboard Learning

Many of our courses make use of whiteboard animation which is proven to improve learner retention by up to 15%.

Manage Users

Manage your own user community – add, amend and remove users as necessary, you remain in control.

Monitor Users

Track user activity and progression, easily identify those that are lagging behind and those that are leading the pack.

Test & Quizzes

Many courses include knowledge tests to ensure students are taking on-board the learning and ensuring a genuine improvement in Security.

Completion Certificates

All users get completion certificates when they complete courses to evidence their learning and support professional development activities.

What Our Customers Say

School Brands

GDPR had me really worried and confused, but the Secure Thinking Academy has helped me identify my data assets, understand the security risks and ensure I’m taking better control of my data.

Joanna E.
School Brands

Move for Minds

As someone that isn’t very technical (at all!), the Secure Thinking Academy training and awareness courses have really helped me get my head around some of the key cyber security issues.

Patricia L.
Move for Minds

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