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At Secure Thinking, we come to work every day to solve the biggest problem in a digital world.  Weak Cyber Security.  Business owners don’t know what information and systems they have, how to protect their data, or if they are carrying unnecessary levels of risk.  Technical staff don’t know how to configure systems securely, how to layer defences to reduce the impact of an attack, or how to identify security vulnerabilities.  And users don’t know how to safeguard data, spot phishing emails, or set strong memorable passwords.

Whatever you refer to it as – Cyber Security, Data Security, Information Security, Data Protection or Privacy  – our mission at Secure Thinking is to help our clients and their team develop the practical, day-to-day security skills needed to better protect themselves, their organisation and their families against cyber-crime .

Our Leadership

Lee Hezzlewood

As CEO and Founder, Lee drives Secure Thinking's strategic vision and product development, ensuring our drive for excellence is reflected in everything we do - from the look and feel of our website, to the consistency of our training content.

Simon Metcalfe

As COO, Simon's eye for detail ensures that the day-to-day operations of Secure Thinking, but especially our systems and processes, are aligned to our business objectives, support our product delivery and meet customer expectations.

James Baird

As CTO, James (sometimes known as "The Oracle") is focused on utilizing and implementing the perfect technical solutions to support our business as well as bringing his expert knowledge to course development and content creation.

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