Data Security Toolkit

£99.00 / year and a £98.00 sign-up fee

Build your data security regime on solid foundations with our superb Data Security Toolkit.





Data Security is something that must be taken seriously by all organisations, large and small.

Our Data Security Toolkit subscription provides you with access to the tools, templates and training you need to lay solid foundations for your data security regime.

Our toolkit is regularly updated in line with legal and regulatory changes, cyber security and data protection best practices, and the latest guidance from industry experts.

We will also be adding to the toolkit over time, to ensure it stays relevant and provides you with the tools, guidance and policies you need in your business.

What’s included?

Our Data Security Toolkit currently includes:

  • Security Policy Templates –
    • Information Security Guiding Principles
    • Information Security Policy
    • Information Risk Policy
    • Information Handling Policy
    • Personnel Security Policy
    • Physical Security Policy
    • Access Control and Authorisation Policy
    • Acceptable Use Policy
    • IT Security Policy
    • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Policy
    • Information Security Incident Management Policy
  • Tracking and Assessment Tools –
    • Remote Working Assessment Tool – Useful for assessing the security of your remote working arrangements
    • Remediation Action Plan Tool (Standard Edition) – To help plan your actions to address security vulnerabilities identified in your systems
  • Business Impact Assessment Templates –
    • Business Impact Table – To be used with the Business Impact Assessment Template
    • Business Impact Assessment Template – To help evaluate the importance of information assets and processing systems
  • Security Awareness Posters –
    • 10x Self Print Security Awareness Posters (White)
    • 10x Self Print Security Awareness Posters (Blue)
  • Training –
    • Cyber Security Basics*
    • Information Security Basics*
    • GDPR Basics*



* Single Seat/User access provided with bundle.